The Power of Video Depositions

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The Power of Video Depositions

video deposition

video deposition

Times are changing. Gone are the days of storytelling and anecdotal evidence. With the onset of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and live video streaming with Facebook and Snapchat, todays society says ‘prove it’ when it comes to backing up a claim. These trends aren’t just occurring in everyday society, they are also happening in the court room.

Video depositions are taking over the way court cases are handled. You may be familiar with video depositions being used in high profile cases such as depositions are not exclusively used with celebrities.

Why videotape a deposition?

“The most common use of video testimony is to use selected portions of testimony to impeach a witness if they change their story at trial. Seeing a witness contradict themselves on the video has a much greater impact than simply reading back the written transcript testimony.
Another common reason is that an attorney may want to videotape a deposition to preserve the witness’s testimony in case the witness dies, becomes too ill, flees or otherwise is unavailable to testify in court.
A video deposition of an expert witness can save money and time. The law in some jurisdictions (like California) allows for certain expert’s testimony to be presented by video, even if they are available to testify in court in person.
Also; video can provide better insight into deposition testimony for expert consultants and legal staff who can not attend a deposition. Video can be reviewed and scrutinized, and is also frequently used in mock trials and focus groups.
Finally, another not-uncommon reason for hiring a videographer is for the calming effect it has on disruptive attorneys and litigants. People are on better behavior when a videographer is recording the event, and this can mean the difference between a two-day and a one-day deposition.” –

How is deposition video used in trial?

“In the case of an absent witness, video is presented in lieu of their live testimony, with objections and overruled questions edited out.
In the case of impeachment, or for “any purpose” as decided by a party, particular segments are selected for presentation. They can be a single question and answer, a short sequence of several questions & answers, or several pages from a transcript. A sequence need not be a contiguous piece of video; one can pick questions and answers from different times of the deposition. (Obviously, one cannot pair a question with an answer to a different question.)
Additionally, there are those cases with a very large number of witnesses. The judge may order that the deposition video will be used for all or most of the witness testimony simply as a practical solution.”

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