Legal Video Services

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Legal Video Services

The life of a lawyer is a lot different now than it was 50 years ago. New technology and a shift to the digital age has drastically changed what kind of technology is used and what services are expected. Lawyers now not only have to compete with other lawyers but also have to obtain and distribute information much quicker than ever before.

At Court Reporting Services we understand that these trends are not going to pass any time soon. That’s why we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends in gathering and distributing information.

Legal Videography

Sometimes your case calls for visual representations of information, and we are here to help you fill that need. Court Reporting Services specializes in legal videography, we offer video-to-text synchronization, video deposition filming, and more. In addition to those services we offer accident location filming.

We don’t believe in Guess work.

Too many times transcription is dominated by guesswork caused by unclear audio from fuzzy cameras and equipment. Our transcriptionists have the ability to record high quality video and convert nearly any media type into a high-quality, digital audio file. From there, our expert scopist will transcribe the audio. This leaves you with written copies of the audio you need for your case. If we can hear it, our transcriptionists can get it down on paper exactly how you want it.

Legal quality video, outside of the court room.

Our transcription and legal video services don’t end in the court room. Our expert stenographers and transcriptionists can go on the road to document any event: press conferences & releases, podcast, radio; you name it, our stenographers can record it with speed and accuracy.

So whether you need documentation a press conference, transcription of court audio, or simply need expert videography for advertising purposes call Court Reporting Services Kentucky and find out how we can help you!