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Lawyer Support

In todays business world expectations are high. That means companies are expected to perform at their very best every single time. And as the economy grows and more and more businesses jump into the job market, competition continues to rise. This is especially true in the fast growing business of litigation.
The projected growth for the year 2017 alone for lawyers is 6%, that means there is a lot of work to be filled and a lot of competition on the way to fill it.

Fortunately, a new business model has risen in tandem with this boom in growth: Business as service. The b.a.a.s model of business is a commercial enterprise that provides work performed in an expert manner by an individual or team for the benefit of its customers. Louisville Court Reporting Service’s takes the “for the benefit of its customers” part of that model to the extreme.

Lawyer Support as a Service

Our Louisville stenographers are dedicated to providing you with the very best in lawyer support. In addition to supplying you with the following Services:

Court Reporting
Videography – Legal Video Depositions
Trial Presentation
Conference and Mediation Rooms
Electronic Delivery
Medical and Technical Transcription

Our Louisville Stenographers are dedicated to working on your timeline and schedule. If that means instantaneously sending transcripts as they are typed then so be it.
Court reporting services Kentucky wants to be your one stop shop for court reporting and lawyer support services.
We have dedicated spaces for mediation and conferencing. And all the equipment needed to run a successful case.

Give us a call and find our how our Court support services can help you.